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Wide Range of Oil Filters

Clean and effective oil filters are perhaps the most important component in all engines. Sydney Filter Services stocks a comprehensive range of oil filters in Australia. We cater to most vehicle makes and models at competitive prices.

Many people understand the importance of changing their car oil regularly. However, it’s easy to forget that an old oil filter recirculates dirty oil through your engine.

Prevent Major Engine Damage

The main function of an oil filter is to remove impurities and contaminants from engine oil. Not changing the oil filter opens the engine to abrasive elements that wear down the bearings. The result is low oil pressure and, eventually, severe engine damage. It captures particles such as dirt, metal shavings, sludge, and other debris that builds up over time.

Keep the Oil Clean

A car oil filter keeps the engine oil clean and free from harmful substances that cause damage or wear and increased maintenance costs. Oil filters are what we do. We stock oil filters for leading vehicle brands, from Mercedes Benz and Toyota to Bobcat and Jeep.

Ask Us for Oil Filter Advice

If you have any questions about what type of oil filter is most suited for your vehicle, contact our friendly and experienced team of oil filter fundis at Sydney Filter Services today.